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Powered with Augmented Reality the flash cards bring to life the story, narrative or facts about various subjects, while helping the kids learn in a fun and interactive way.

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With the AR app open and the camera activated, aim your device’s camera at one of the flashcards. Explore the AR experience by moving your device around the card or interacting with any on-screen prompts.

Enjoy & Learn

Engage with the AR content, learn from the interactive elements. This may involve 3D models, animations, or interactive elements that enhance your learning experience.

Awww Kids: Empowering Young Minds & Unlocking Learning with Augmented Reality (AR)

Awww Kids takes advantage of Augmented Reality (AR) technology to revolutionize the way children learn. With AR, the app provides an interactive and immersive experience that goes beyond traditional educational methods. By combining cutting-edge technology, interactive content, and a child-centric approach, we strive to make learning engaging, memorable, and joyful.

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Ramayan Flash Cards

Ramayan is the most important epic from ancient India which

still holds deep rooted influence and beliefs in our lives. It is

an account of the life of Lord Rama and his conquests over evil.

AR Space Trek Flash Cards

Space education for kids is an exciting and inspiring way to

introduce them to the wonders of the universe and encourage

their curiosity about space exploration and astronomy.

Hanuman Flash Cards

In the next upcoming version, we’ll be exploring the mythical

life and adventures of Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is one of

the most beloved and revered gods in our culture.


He is worshipped as a symbol of strength, power, courage,

devotion and loyalty.

All About Dinosaurs

Explore the incredible and fascinating world of dinosaurs with

the help of Augmented Reality embedded flashcards.

These cards will give you a low down on scientific facts, arts

and visuals about these amazing animals, who lived and

walked on earth millions of years ago.

Story of Jesus

In the next topic we delve into the Story of Jesus, Son of God,

right from his birth. Learn all about the life of Jesus, his

preaching, beliefs and all the miracles he did.

The flashcards also have some interesting stories and

anecdotes from the Bible.

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